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Lori Bartlett is getting married on 9.10.11, and when her mother wanted to throw her a bridal shower in Florida, she offered up the idea of a “Mad Hatter Tea Party.”  Unfortunately, Lori (and many of her friends) live in Los Angeles, so pulling off an East Coast shower was a bit of a challenge.  Her fabulous MOH threw her an incredible Vegas Bachelorette, so her West-Coast bridesmaids decided to throw the shower.

"I’d be happy with beer and pizza on someone’s driveway," Lori said. But her friends had bigger plans.

They decided to surprise her with the Wonderland theme and hit the ground running with ideas. Heather Broeker, the owner of Head Over Heels, and one of Lori’s Bridesmaids started by creating a vision board. She and Ali Boyle, another bridesmaid, spent time searching various Goodwill stores to collect mismatched dishes. They also utilized ebay and the dollar store vowing to keep to their budget.  They saved tissue paper and cardboard to create flowers and paper keys, and made it a point to stick to the black, white, pink and green theme with which they had started.

Maux Gitto and Brendan Wiuff teamed up in the “art department” to create a fabulous invite instructing guests to “join us down the rabbit hole” but to “keep it a secret or it’s off with your head.”  This artistic duo also created various characters from Wonderland to place throughout the party.

Items like an “Alice Dress” (an old bridesmaid dress) and a rabbit pinata, and a tiny mouse (which at first was broken but later glued back together inside a teapot) were purchased from Goodwill to add some final touches.

The LA Flower marts were an excellent resource for purchasing flowers in bulk.  Roses that appeared to be painted like the Queen’s roses were purchased for the centerpieces, and the remaining flowers were placed around the house and outdoor areas.

Overall the event was a huge success and Lori (aka “Alice”) was surprised as can be.


The “Party Package” which contains everything from mismatched plates, tea cups and saucers to signs, hats, decorations and “cardboard characters” is available for purchase to the highest bidder.  Simply email us at heather@headoverheelspr.com if you’re interested.

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